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We are starting a video series to answer questions regarding Native American college planning.  We will field questions from current high school students, college students, school counselors, college counselors, parents/families, Tribal education department staff, and any other ally in the Native American college planning process.

Sample Questions

  • What colleges offer Tribal Foresty Management?
  • What colleges have Dakota language classes? minors? majors?
  • What colleges offer construction trades AND a Native American student support center?
  • What Native American supports does (enter name of college) offer?
  • What scholarships are available to enrolled members of the Navajo Nation?
  • What scholarships are available for Native American descendants who are interested in majoring in art?
  • Are there any fly-in opportunities to Native American high school students?
  • Are there any colleges that host summer live-on-campus enrichment programs for Native American high school students?

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