CollegeBound Journey Curriculum

Supporting Educators  in Guiding Native American Youth on Their CollegeBound Journey.

Curriculum and lesson plans have been created to support school counselors, educators, and youth service workers to use the CollegeBound Journey™ platform with Native American youth.

Each lesson contains:

⊕ All curriculum and lesson plans were developed by a licensed school counselor with extensive experience counseling Native American students within a school setting.


The CollegeBound Journey™ individual lessons are designed to be used for a one-time session with a student or small group of students.

These lessons related directly to the CollegeBound Journey™ platform features and support students to learn how to use the platform more effectively.  These lesson include: 


For educators and mentors who would like to provide multiple group sessions targeting academic success, college and career planning, and personal/social development, CollegeBound Journey™ has designed small group curriculum supporting Native American youth.  Each group curriculum contains 6-10 lesson plans and activities, including the use of the  CollegeBound Journey™ platform.  The curriculum can be used in school counseling groups, afterschool groups, community youth groups, and tribal youth services groups.  The following curriculum includes:

Curriculum and lesson plans are included for FREE with a paid school or program subscription plan.

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