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Emphasize Culture in The College Planning Process.

Culture is Strength

When culture is included in the college planning process, our Native American students can identify supports and resources to increase matriculation and college graduation rates.

Indian Education staff understand that our Native American students require relationships, culture, and specific resources for academic growth and success.  These factors are also needed for college consideration.

CollegeBound Journey empowers Indian Education programs to emphasize cultural consideration in the college planning journey for our Native American students.  

The CollegeBound Journey Features Overview

College Search

Our college search aligns with the recommendations described within The American Indian College Fund’s Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Native Americans in Higher Education and Native American College Student Transition Theory.

The CollegeBound Journey – College Search filter includes:

Scholarships for Native American Students

Paying for college is can be a major barrier for our Native American students. The CollegeBound Journey Scholarship Database assists students to locate possible avenues of funding to support their education.

Scholarships included in the CollegeBound Journey database:

Pre-College & Summer Opportunities

Pre-college programs allow students to experience college in a safe space with other Native American students. This experience can aid students to visualize themselves attending college in the future.  Summer programs can add cultural enrichment and network opportunities. The CollegeBound Journey Pre-College and Summer Program database contains a listing of Native American only pre-college and summer experiences.

CollegeBound Journey Pre-College & Summer Program Database includes:

Possible Avenues
of Funding

CollegeBound Journey Options

Base option for schools and college programs is 25 user accounts, which includes one administration user. Additional accounts are available for an extra cost.

For each additional user $20.00
Total Cost: $500.00

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