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CollegeBound Journey was created out of a need to encourage and support Native American student matriculation rates through access to culturally relevant information and resources.  It was envisioned in 2020, conceptualized in 2021, and launched in 2022.

The road to this point has been hours and months of researching, networking, and building then testing the site.  Our desire is to host a platform that Native American students can find cultural, college-related information and resources in one location.  The platform was designed to support their journey.

This process has also been a journey for us, and our journey is not finished.  The Creator has taught us that we are imperfect, and we are reminded of this through the concept of the “spirit bead”.    While we have made every attempt to ensure the information within the platform is correct, we do acknowledge that we are imperfect.  With an open heart, we ask you to contact us if you discover an error or notice omitted information.

Prior to launching our site, we contacted every college and pre-college summer opportunity individually and requested information verification.  Each scholarship listing contains a weblink, which was verified prior to posting.  We will continue to verify information three times a year to ensure the accuracy of the platform information:

  • By August of each year, college information will be updated through our college verification process.
  • By January of each year, scholarship information will be updated through our scholarship verification process.
  • By March of each year, pre-college and summer opportunities information will be updated through our program verification process.

Again, we welcome our community to contact us with updated information and corrections for our platform.  As a community, we can ensure our children have the information they need for the next part of their journey.


As an experienced, Licensed School Counselor and Educational Consultant, Kerrie has a passion for creating programming and resources for Native youth success.  She is especially interested in developing and sharing resources that support Native American students towards college matriculation.

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