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Native American college search supports student to find schools based on culture.

Current College Going Trends and
Native American Students...


 of 18–24-year-old Native American students are enrolled in college compared to 41% of the overall U.S. population (Postsecondary National Policy Institute).


of the American Indian and Alaska Native population earned a bachelor’s degree or higher compared with 31.3% of the overall population (Census Bureau).


of Native students had an expected family contribution – the amount of money the government deemed they had to pay for college – at $0 (NPR).

How CollegeBound Journey is Culturally Responsive Different Equitable .

We have the ONLY college search that guides Native American students towards
culturally supportive colleges.

Culture as a Protective Factor

Interconnectedness and traditions are foundation pieces for Native American resilience and well-being.  Many colleges have embedded these protective factors in the campus experiences through academic programming and student life.  

Our college search allows students to identify colleges with these important offerings.

Cultural Considerations

When leading with a good heart, colleges create a safe and inviting environment for Native American students.  Through purposeful strategies, like staffing and activities, colleges reflect a culturally responsive campus and ensure equity.

Our college search highlights colleges that provide these resources.

About CollegeBound Journey's College Search

Culturally Supportive Colleges 
Instead of focusing on GPA, selectivity, or test scores, like other college searches, the CollegeBound Journey College Search supports Native youth to search for colleges based on cultural protective factors and considerations, including:

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Native american family college planning

College Matches
Upon completion of a college search, users will receive a list of matching college options.  Within these each college match, users can view the following information:

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All of the colleges within the CollegeBound Journey’s college search are located within the United States.  Also, we have only included opportunities for the undergraduate level.

Additionally, our colleges represent private four year colleges, public four-year colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, and Tribal colleges.

We update college information throughout the year as new information becomes available.  We review every college in our database between June and August for the upcoming school year.

Colleges are continuously adjusting their programming and opportunities to meet current student needs.  CollegeBound Journey strives to provide up-to-date information.  Please refer to our Disclaimer page.  We invite program notifications and edits on our Contact page.

Colleges are reviewed based on the four elements of our platform: Academic Opportunities, Campus Experiences, Cultural Support, and Financial Support.   Our educational consultants have years of experience reviewing and visiting colleges to determine cultural fit.

Moreover, we do not accept sponsorship or monetary exchange from colleges or companies to be included on our list. 

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