Our Story

We recognized that popular college search tools have not been honoring culture in the college planning process.  Our consultants developed this tool to support our Native American students on their Collegebound Journey all while acknowledging our students’ unique, cultural needs.   Our children are the future of our communities, and we grateful to present this unique resource to guide them towards their purpose and dreams.  

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.

What We Do

We equip student support professionals with an effective, culturally responsive tool to guide Native American students towards college options and resources.  

Why We Do It

We believe that our Native American students are the next generation to sustain and build tribal and urban, Native communities.  Higher education can be an avenue to elevate students towards their purpose, and our mission is to be a support for them on this journey.  

Native web

Our Website Developer

Nativ3,Minneapolis, MN

We partnered with NATIV3, Minneapolis-based digital marketing firm, to create this platform.  NATIV3 continues to provide technical support and insights to offer this experience to our clients.