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Offer Equity in The College Planning Process

Honoring Culture

Equity ensures that every student/client has an equal access to attending college. Cultural considerations is essential when supporting Native American youth on their CollegeBound Journey™.

College Access Partners, Tribal Education Departments, and Independent College Consultants have an ethical duty to ensure they are providing equitable services to support Native American students/clients towards college.  These services must include utilizing culturally responsive tools.

CollegeBound Journey™ empowers College Access Partners to offer equity in the college planning journey for our Native American students.

CollegeBound Journey™
Platform Overview

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The "College Search"

Our trademark college search supports Native youth to identify culturally, supportive college options.  The CollegeBound Journey™  College Search filters align with the recommendations described within The American Indian College Fund’s Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Native Americans in Higher Education and the Native American College Student Transition Theory.

The CollegeBound Journey™ – College Search filters includes:

The "Scholarship Database"

Paying for college is can be a major barrier for our Native American families. The CollegeBound Journey™ Native American College Scholarships Database assists students to identify possible avenues of funding to support their education.

Scholarships included in the CollegeBound Journey™ database:

Native american teens at camp

The "Enrichment Program" Search

Enrichment programs provide our students with valuable experiences.  Pre-college programs allow students to experience college in a safe space with other Native American students and to visualize themselves attending college in the future.   Other enrichment opportunities, like culture and career camps, allow student to learn as a community with cultural mentors.

This database contains Native American specific enrichment and pre-college experiences.

CollegeBound Journey™ Pre-College & Enrichment Program Database includes:

Additional Feature for
College Access Partners, Tribal Ed Offices, and
Independent College Consultants

The "Curriculum"

Curriculum and lesson plans have been created to support school counselors, educators, and youth service workers to use the CollegeBound Journey™ platform with Native American youth.

Curriculum and lesson plans are included for FREE with a paid school or program subscription plan.  Click here for more information.

Current curriculum resources include:

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CollegeBound Journey Options

Base option for schools and college programs is 25 user accounts, which includes one administration user. Additional accounts are available for an extra cost.

For each additional user $40.00
Total Cost: $500.00

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