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Current Economic Trends and
Native American Families...

1 in 3

Native Americans are living in poverty (American Community Survey).


is the overall unemployment rate for American Indians/Alaska Natives, as compared to 3.7 percent for non-Hispanic whites. (Office of Minority Health Resource Center).


of Native American students require some type of financial aid to support college attendance (Postsecondary National Policy Institute).

How CollegeBound Journey is Culturally Responsive Different Equitable .

We have the ONLY scholarship search that matches opportunities for Native American students based on Tribal affiliation, enrollment status, descendancy, or self-identification.


Hundreds of scholarships are available to students who identify as Native American.  The ones within our database are targeted only to Native American students.  

Our scholarship search allows students to link directly to potential opportunities based on Native status.

Tuition Waivers

Several colleges now provide tuition waivers to Native American students.  These opportunities vary and are discoverable through using the filters within our database search.

Our scholarship search allows students discover tuition waivers throughout the US.

In-State Tuition Programs

Many states are now offering in-state tuition to students who identify from tribes with historical ties to that state.  These opportunities dramatically reduce the cost to attend a school in another state.

Our scholarship search allows students to peruse multiple in-state tuition programs for potential matches.

About CollegeBound Journey's
Scholarship Search


Targeted Scholarship Search

With over 1.5 million scholarships available to college students, finding ones that apply only to Native American students can be challenging.

Our scholarship database includes the following financial aid opportunities:

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Scholarship Matches
Upon completion of a scholarship search, users will receive a list of matching opportunities.  Within these each match, users can view the following information:

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While many scholarship searches offer an option to “check” Native American, the situation is more complex.  Because of federal status, enrollment requirements, blood quantum, and incomplete record keeping, Native American status is not always as simple as checking one box.  

Our database permits students to filter through scholarships based on options like Tribal affiliation, enrollment status, descendancy, and self identification.  Because of this filter option, students can easily find scholarships that meet their personal identity status.

Our consultants have extensive experience within the field of Native American college planning and have accumulated hundreds of scholarship opportunities.  

We update the database as new information becomes known.  Additionally, we review every entry within the database by January of each year.  This ensures that links and deadlines are accurate for the platform users.

At this time, we have restricted our scholarship selections to opportunities available to students beginning their freshman year; however, many of the scholarships can be used at the sophomore, junior, or senior year as well.

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