Overview: Pre-College Search and Native American Summer Opportunity Search Feature

Why are Native American pre-college programs and summer enrichment programs so important?

According to the Postsecondary National Policy Institute, 79% of Native American students identify as first generation college students.

CollegeBound Journey provides a Native American pre-college program and summer enrichment search.  Students can find programs to support their journey towards college.  Therefore, students can learn more about their culture, create a greater circle of support, and gain valuable insights.  Additionally, many of these programs give students the opportunity to live away from home for the first time… in a safe and nurturing space.

Our Pre-College and Summer Program Search feature matches students with the opportunities that are important to them.  Basically, the programs listed in our database are culturally-focused and support Native American students towards college and career exploration.

CollegeBound Journey’s Native American pre-college and summer database includes:

All dreams spin-out from the same web. – Hopi

Currently, CollegeBound Journey is the only place to list the opportunities in one location.  Because so many of our Native students are first generation college students, they need access to programs and resources that support them towards college.  These programs emphasize kinship through mentors and peer support, while supporting students to reach for their purpose.

New program opportunities are added as they become known. The database information is verified and updated by March each year. As a result, users will always have the most up-to-date program options to plan accordingly.

The following video provides detailed insight to using the CollegeBound Journey Pre-College and Summer Program feature.

Native American Pre-College

Interested?  CollegeBound Journey was created to support Native American students on their college path.  Contact us for more information.  

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