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Native American College Search


What is the importance of a Native American College Search for our students?


According to the American Indian Graduate Center, only 19% of people identifying as Native American enroll in college.

CollegeBound Journey offers a Native American college search, which is a powerful, one-of-a-kind tool.  This feature supports our Native American students on their college journey selection.  Our search guides Native students specifically towards culturally supportive colleges and resources.  Therefore, we honor culture by emphasizing it as the primary focus in the college search process, unlike most major college planning platforms. 


Indeed, when culture is honored and considered in the college planning process, students are directed towards culturally supportive college opportunities.  Additionally, these choices can lead to greater matriculation and college graduation rates among our Native youth.  Thus, the need for a Native American college search tool.

Our college search feature allow users to search for unique factors, including:

Native American Pre-College

After the completion of a college search, CollegeBound Journey users will obtain a college list that matches their criteria.  Each college will have detailed information to review, including, contact information, Native American student enrollment rates and graduation rates, land acknowledgement, housing and childcare options, and much more.  To sum up, matching students to culturally supportive colleges can increase retention rates.

New college opportunities are added as they become known. Additionally, the database information is verified and updated by August each year. As a result, users will always have the most up-to-date college information for their college planning journey.

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The following video provides detailed insight to using the CollegeBound Journey College Search feature.

Interested?  CollegeBound Journey was created to support Native American students on their college path.  Contact us for more information.  

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